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Royal National Children’s Foundation

Registered Charity No.310916

The Royal National Children's Foundation helps vulnerable children in the United Kingdom whose circumstances are seriously prejudicial to their normal development and where no other care is available.

These are young people who usually have one or no active parents and whose normal development is compromised or threatened by adverse home, school or family circumstances.

  • This situation can arise through the death or serious ill health of one or both parents, divorce, separation and abnormal or particularly adverse home conditions.
  • The child will be aged between 7 to 18 years.
  • The most suitable schooling for the majority of these young people will be at boarding school though day school will be considered as an exceptional alternative for the younger child aged between 7 and 13 years.
  • The charity supports the social need not the educational preference.
  • Be from families who cannot meet the cost of such education unaided.

This life changing opportunity enables a child to:

Live within a safe and structured environment, thrive in a nurturing community, have 24/7 emotional support, enjoy all school activities and clubs, achieve to the best of their ability, increase their self-worth and confidence and make life-long friendships.

Thank you for your continued support with K. He has settled and is making progress. The school is very supportive; we cannot thank you enough, as we do not know how we would have managed to look after him.


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