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Reedham Children's Trust

Registered Charity No.312433

Reedham Children's Trust is a charity which supports children whose families are unable to care for them as well as they might like, due to circumstances such as death, disability and illness, who also have very limited financial resource. The main way in which the charity provides help to children is through financial assistance to obtain a place in a caring, nurturing residential school. We aim to build a strong face to face relationship with the families we help and provide ongoing support to ensure the child/young person gets the best from their school placement. We fund on a shared basis with partner schools, with whom we have established a good relationship and have confidence in the quality of their provision. We DO NOT any longer make contributions to joint packages of funding with other educational trusts. In order for us to offer the best possible face to face service to children, young people and their families we only currently consider applications from those living within a 60 mile radius of our office in Purley, Surrey.

To be considered for support the family circumstances must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Death or permanent absence of one or both parents
  • Severe and enduring mental, physical ill health or other disability of parent(s)
  • Abandonment or neglect of child
  • Disability of a sibling of sufficient severity to be seriously prejudicial to the normal development of the child

Due to the high demand for our help, the children we are most likely to support will be in circumstances which meet more than one of the above criteria, and be facing additional challenges such as complex family relationship issues, domestic abuse, chronic financial hardship and homelessness.

In addition to the above, it must be demonstrated that ALL of the following are met:

  • The case for boarding is justified by the fact that the home circumstances are seriously prejudicial to the normal development of the child, and
  • there is confirmation from an independent professional source that boarding is in the best interests of the child, and
  • the child has clearly expressed a wish to board, and
  • the parent/guardian has insufficient income and/or assets to wholly pay for boarding.

Due to high demand, for the foreseeable future we are only able to consider cases where the child lives within a 60 mile radius of our office here in Purley Surrey. If you live outside of this area please telephone the office on 0208 660 1461 to discuss your case prior to completing any of your forms.

"The help given by the Reedham Children's Trust has turned a desperate situation around. By helping with the boarding fees it has given our grandchild a safe haven and a lifesaving opportunity. We will remain for ever grateful."

The words of a grandparent of a child we have supported

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If you need our help or wish to support us please email or or call 020 8660 1461