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The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund

Registered Charity No.1160182

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund provides help to the children of serving and ex-serving members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their Reserves when they are in need, hardship or distress. We have been in operation for over 100 years helping around 2000 children annually.

The majority of the children we help have either physical or learning disability and support is given to provide help with specialist equipment or special needs education. We also assist with educational costs at times of crisis and distress and to ensure stability and continuity of education. In many cases we provide help from our Emergency Essentials Grant scheme to help families in crisis and provide for basic needs such as food, clothing or nappies. Each case is assessed individually and we support children from birth to age 25.

"The support you give so generously makes him feel valued and worth investing in and helps him to have pride and faith in himself. From the bottom of my heart and with every fibre of my being, thank you."

One of the families we’ve helped

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For more information or to apply for support please visit, email or call 023 9263 9534.