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The Mitchell City of London Charity and Educational Foundation

Registered Charity No.312499

Mitchell offer two types of support for pupils of secondary school age:

- for a single parent family when a child over the age of 11 years is already within independent education (state boarding schools are also included) and has been at the school for at least one year

- for a child with one or both parents, who is in independent education (state boarding schools are also included) and is about to enter into the 6th form (or is already in the 6th form) and has been at the school for at least one year

It is essential the applicant has the 'City Qualification'. An application cannot be considered if the City Qualification is not met.


The child must be attending a 'City School' (a school within the City of London) and because of their previous connections with the City this also includes Christ's Hospital School in Horsham, City of London Freemen's School in Ashtead and King Edward's School, Witley.


either parent must have lived or worked within the City of London for at least five years at some point.

The 'City' is roughly the square mile area around St Paul's Cathedral. The City boundary follows an intricate course but the following is an approximate guide:

Middle Temple Lane; Temple Bar; Chancery Lane; Holborn; Charterhouse Square; Barbican; Chiswell Street; Liverpool Street Station; Middlesex Street; Aldgate; Minories; Tower Hill; and on the South, the river. The London Postal Districts EC3 and EC4 lie almost entirely within the City. The southern portion of the EC2 district, the south-eastern corner of the EC1 district, a very small part of the E1 district and a small part of Chancery Lane and Bell Yard WC2 are also in the City. All other postal districts are entirely outside the City.

For an application to be considered there usually has to be a change in circumstance leading to a need for financial assistance. Typically a 'change in circumstance' would be bereavement, separation / divorce, health issues, significant change to financial or home situation. School choice alone is not usually considered a change in circumstance.

Awards are considered to be more of a 'top up' towards fees, usually where the school are already awarding a substantial bursary, or where there is a school bursary and other charities are also supporting fees. It isn't mandatory for the school to be awarding a bursary.

Funds are not available towards outstanding fees and / or school extras.

Although there are no set limits for family income Trustees would not usually make an award if the family income is over £55,000 per year, or there is a large value of savings / investments or capital in family property. Family income includes eg maintenance payments, partner's income if relevant, benefits, pensions, rental income from additional properties.

When considering an application Trustees will look at the recommendation from the current school with regard to the child's character, contribution and effort. Trustees will also take into consideration the need for the child to attend the school that has been chosen and how the child would benefit from attending the school.

For sixth form bursary applications Trustees will consider current academic grades; predicted GCSE grades; and the potential for future educational attainment. The minimum attainment at GCSE of six Grade 5's or equivalent grade is usually essential for support.

"I am truly lost for words. Thank you. Thank you very much. You have no idea the difference this will make to our lives – financially, physically and emotionally."

The parent of a child we helped support

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For further information please contact Mrs Lucy Jordan, Clerk to the Trustees, The Mitchell City of London Charity and Educational Foundation, Eastfield, Mill Lane, North Dalton, Driffield. YO25 9BF

Alternatively email or call 07392 475382.