About The ETF

Introduction to The Educational Trusts' Forum

The ETF was founded in the early 1980s, initially as the Joint Trusts' Liaison Committee, before changing its name to the Educational Trusts' Forum in 1988. It is an association of educational trusts that work together and individually to give young people the best start in life through supporting their home circumstances and facilitating a good education. Each member charity is independent and has its own criteria for making awards. In some circumstances there will be a pooling of resources between two or more trusts to assist an approved applicant.

The Educational Trusts' Forum meets twice a year in London and celebrates an annual contribution in grants to Education.

Below is a list of our current members. To find out how they can assist you, please click on the individual links.

Armed Forces Education Trust

Buttle UK

Canon Holmes Memorial Trust

Ewelme Exhibition Endowment

Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution

Royal Medical Foundation

Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation

St Marylebone Educational Foundation

The Emmott Foundation

The Girls' Day School Trust

The Lloyd Foundation

The Mitchell City of London Charity and Educational Foundation

The NFL Trust

The Ouseley Trust

Naval Children's Charity

The Royal Pinner Educational Trust

The School Fees Charitable Trust

Thornton Smith & Plevins Young People's Trusts

Wispers Trust