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Wispers Trust

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Wispers School for Girls in Haslemere enjoyed an excellent reputation for over 60 years, as is testified by the Independent Schools Report 2007. Its motto - Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter (Bravely, Faithfully, Happily) - inspired numerous girls and their teachers throughout its existence.

In the harder times of the present century, the Governors were mindful of the school's traditions and values, which would have been severely compromised in any amalgamation. They took a more positive view and, following the school's closure and sale in 2008, established a revised trust, the Wispers Trust. This will offer financial assistance to deserving pupils, particularly secondary pupils in Year 11 (GCSE) or Year 13 (A2), whose parents or guardians are experiencing unforeseen difficulties.

In their strategic planning the Wispers Trustees have worked closely with the Charity Commission who, in particular, applauded the Trust's intention to offer support in perpetuity. This is seen as the most effective way of preserving the founding principles of the school.

Wispers Trust has awarded several grants during successive academic years since 2010. This has enabled a number of pupils to complete either their GCSE or A2 studies.

"Our daughter was thriving at her school and it was very hard to contemplate taking her out. She was happy and only halfway through the GCSE syllabus, but we could no longer afford the fees. The Wispers Trust was recommended to us and we were overwhelmed by their understanding and support. For our daughter, this was a life-changing moment. The continuity of education gave her the opportunity to achieve top grades and the confidence to aim high. Thank you!"

- Parent

"I have been at the same school since I was 6 years old – I've grown up there and I love it - so I was really upset when I heard I would have to leave because of financial difficulties. Changing school halfway through my GCSEs was really worrying, both academically and socially. Thankfully we found the Wispers Trust and they were able to help us. Without their support I would not have been able to stay at my school to complete my GCSEs and get grades that I am extremely proud of."

- Student

We are so grateful to the Wispers Trust for enabling a child to stay with us to finish their schooling, one who has been with us from the very beginning. When a family are struggling to pay the school fees it is always a tragic situation for everyone involved, especially the child. We cannot thank the Wispers Trust enough for enabling the continuation and stability that every child deserves in their important school years.

- Principal

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