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Thornton-Smith and Plevins Trust

Registered Charity No.1137196

The Thornton-Smith and Plevins Trust invites applications from families who need financial assistance to enable their children to remain at their existing UK independent or state school for their Sixth Form years, with support lasting for up to two years.

It is expected that parents / guardians, who will be UK tax payers, will have had the necessary financial resources to fund their share of school fees when their children started secondary school, and that these plans will have been thrown into disarray by an unexpected family crisis; usually bereavement, illness, desertion, divorce or loss of earnings.

Applicants will be required to submit a financial assessment to show, and as appropriate to provide evidence to substantiate, their assets and income, and to make some contribution towards the school fees.

Ordinarily, students will demonstrate high academic achievement or potential but, on occasion, the Trust will assist on the basis of special educational or pastoral needs. In any event, a student is expected to be a good contributor to the school community; in every case the school will be required to endorse the application.

The school, except in the case of some state boarding schools, will be expected to be provide a significant fee discount, usually at least as much as the Trust is being asked to provide; it is routinely a requirement that this support is in place before asking the Trust for help.

"The primary object of the Trust is to support Sixth Form students at fee-paying schools."

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For all enquiries and application form requests, please contact Mrs Sue Davis, Grants Secretary, by telephone on 01582 611675 or by email to