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Thornton Smith & Plevins Young People's Trust

Registered Charity No.1137196

The primary object of the Trust is to provide financial assistance, in appropriate circumstances, with the costs of education and career training. The Trustees' policy is to concentrate such help in assisting with school fees and in some cases, and dependant upon surplus funding being available, expenses for pupils in their sixth form (A level) years. In the majority of cases, the parents (or guardians) will have embarked their child upon independent education in the realistic expectancy of being able to fund the costs for the full period but now find that they no longer have sufficient means.

All applications for assistance will be subject to a financial assessment to ensure that there is a need for the Trust's support. Due regard will be taken of the means of the parents/guardians and, in some cases, the value of the family home and land may be taken into account when assessing the amount of the grant or loan to be made. The family will be expected to make every effort to make a contribution towards the fees and the Schools will, normally, be required to make, at least, an equal contribution by way of Bursary or a reduction in fees. The support of the Trust is reviewed on an annual basis.

The young person should have achieved good academic standards but, in particular, he or she should be diligent, committed and strong contributors to school and/or community life. It is expected that the school will endorse the application.

All applications should be directed to the Grants Secretary who will, in appropriate cases, make recommendation to the Trustees.

"The primary object of the Trust is to support Sixth Form students in independent education"

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For all queries, please contact Heather Cox via telephone on 01582 611675 or via email You can also contact us via post by sending your correspondence to Mrs H W Cox, Grants Secretary, Thornton Smith & Plevins Trust, 298 Icknield Way, Luton, Beds, LU23 2JS.