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The Ouseley Trust

Registered Charity No.527519

The Ouseley Trust is a registered charity set up to promote and maintain to a high standard the choral services of the Church of England, the Church in Wales and the Church of Ireland.

It does this by making grants to cathedrals, choral foundations, parish churches, choir schools and other musical institutions by endowing choristerships, financing courses, providing endowment grants, the purchase of liturgical music and other projects of an innovative kind which may, in exceptional circumstances, include commissions.

In addition, it assists with the cost of school fees for individual choristers at fee-paying choir schools throughout England, Wales and Ireland (but not Scotland).

"It is not often I am reduced to tears, but when I read your letter with the accompanying cheque to support the work of the Parish choir, I was overcome with joy."

A member of a Church in Belfast.

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